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Google Forms Survey

September 11th 2018 | Template
Google Forms Survey Learn how to create a survey using Google Forms. Create A Questionnaire Or Survey In Google

Google Docss

September 11th 2018 | Template
Google Docss This video goes over some of the basic features of Google Docs. Using text styles, change fonts,

Apple Contacts Icon

September 11th 2018 | Template
Apple Contacts Icon If you've lost your iPhone contacts, calendar, files, or reminders; this guide will help you restore

Pacman Ghosts

September 10th 2018 | Template
Pacman Ghosts So that's what they talk about in that little box. See our videos a month earlier at

Google Classroom Icon

September 10th 2018 | Template
Google Classroom Icon Shows Teachers how to add a mention to their website that you are using Google Classroom
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